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Louisiana's Talent Engine

Manufacturers can benefit from Louisiana’s sizeable available workforce. A right-to-work state for more than three decades, more than 460,000 workers in Louisiana are currently employed in occupations relevant to manufacturing, according to Economic Modeling Specialists Intl.

Investments in Higher Education Fuel Workforce

New investors in the state can be sure of Louisiana’s continued workforce growth, because the state is making strategic investments in higher education to meet the future needs of industry. The majority of the state’s research universities have institutes, programs of study and/or centers specializing in manufacturing focus areas. In all, Louisiana graduates more than 17,000 people per year with credentials relevant to the manufacturing industry, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. View Statistics »

Higher Education Programs Specialize in Aerospace Manufacturing

The majority of the state’s research universities have institutes, programs and/or centers specializing in manufacturing focus areas.

  • The National Center for Advanced Manufacturing, under the leadership of LSU and the University of New Orleans, leads a consortium of seven universities that conduct research focused on using composite and metallic materials in the production of aerospace structures.
  • Three Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) schools in Louisiana produce technicians with required certificates and FAA certifications: South Louisiana Community College, Southern University at Shreveport and SOWELA Technical Community College.

Additional research centers providing innovative partnerships and growth opportunities include:

  • Louisiana Center for Manufacturing Sciences, Shreveport
  • Center for Lean Excellence, New Orleans
  • Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Lafayette

In conjunction with private sector investments, Louisiana is willing to make additional commitments to support a company’s goals. For example, LED FastStart® is working with AAR and SOWELA Technical Community College to create an apprenticeship program for the aerospace industry in Southwest Louisiana. An Aircraft MRO Center of Excellence will be established and a six-week, pre-employment apprentice program will train new potential employees, creating a pipeline of talent for AAR and other aviation service providers in the region. State investments in SOWELA will fund new or improved structures, systems and avionics; replacement and expansion of technical training equipment; national-caliber talent to lead the program; and updated aerospace labs.

LED FastStart Delivers Customized Workforce Solutions

LED FastStart, the nation’s No. 1 state workforce development program, creates customized workforce recruitment, screening and training solutions for new or expanding companies — at no cost to eligible companies.

With only one goal, client satisfaction, LED FastStart pairs its world-class team with a company’s subject matter experts to learn the company’s unique processes and culture. After determining the competencies that match the cultural and technical abilities that will help define the most successful employee, the LED FastStart team employs traditional and innovative methods to recruit qualified talent that matches the company’s specific requirements.

Based on a company’s immediate and long-term workforce needs, the LED FastStart team will craft unique programs that ensure high-quality, flexible workers are prepared on day one and beyond. Technical, team-based and soft-skills training programs are sequenced and delivered to engage new employees. LED FastStart helps improve learning curves, and increases a company’s productivity, resulting in a faster start and a better bottom line. Post-employment classes are strategically developed and sequenced to orient new team members into a company’s organization. LED FastStart’s world-class training adds value to every level of a company.

LED FastStart team members have developed and managed hundreds of customized workforce training programs for a wide variety of companies across multiple industry sectors, including Fortune 500 companies. In particular, the team has experience working with aerospace companies like Northrop Grumman and Bell Helicopter.